Besides our litigation and arbitration skills our firm also offers Mediation and ADR as tools for dispute resolution.

The conflicts we mediate are in the commercial field. There is a surplus of Mediators offering these services and many more are still being trained, some for a few days and others for somewhat longer to become accredited Mediators.

The choice of Mediator is of paramount importance. The Mediator must have the training required to conduct Mediation properly and ideally he should also have substantive experience in respect of the issues that are in dispute. We can offer Mediation by a first class Mediator with in-depth knowledge of the Shipping, Transport and Insurance industries.

Arnold van Steenderen has passed the examination that qualifies him as Master of Dispute Resolution (ADR Specialist / Legal Mediator). He is a member of: the International Maritime Conciliation and Mediation Panel (Imcam) and is also registered with the Nederlandse Vereniging van Mediators in de Verzekeringsbranche (NVMV) and the Nederlandse Vereniging van Mediation Advocaten (NVVMA).

We are also able to give you sound advice if you are confronted with a situation where the court has advised the parties to consider Mediation (Mediation Advocacy).

Some types of dispute which may qualify for Mediation:

  • between shipbuilders and owners or between shipbuilders and sub-contractors;
  • between shareholders or investors;
  • between buyers and sellers in a single contract or in a contractual string;
  • between insurers and insureds or between brokers and insurers/insureds.