The vibrant and stimulating economic area of the Port of Rotterdam requires skilled and experienced lawyers focusing on Shipping, Logistics and Commercial law to safeguard an orderly environment for the business community. For an overview of our products and services, please click on the links below.

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Samuel Beckett’s above quotation seems very apt for the legal services we provide. However, hiring a good lawyer at the proper time is crucial to any successful business.

Van Steenderen MainportLawyers is a leading full service law firm in Shipping, Transport and Insurance providing both transactional, litigation and mediation services. Our clients are to be found in the domestic and international markets. 


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Avra Towage B.V. in Rotterdam (“Avra”) operated seven seagoing tugs (‘North’, ‘East’, ‘South’, ‘West’, ‘Compass’, ‘Northwind’ and  ‘Southwind’) through seven single-ship-companies owning the respective vessel.

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Members of our yacht team have just returned from a very successfull visit to MYS 2015 in Monaco.